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Our City of Orchard Lake Village estate planning lawyer, Douglas Kuthy, is a seasoned professional with over thirty-five years of experience in estate planning and probate law. His experience and deep understanding of the legal landscape, personal relationships, and strong local ties in this Michigan village make him the ideal partner for the community’s estate planning needs.

At the last U.S. Census, there were just over 2,200 residents divided into 802 households, of which 33.9% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 75.7% were married couples living together, 17.1% were non-families, 14.5% were individuals, and 6.8% had someone living alone who was 65 or older.

This Oakland County village is a northern suburb of Detroit, roughly 27 miles from downtown and just three miles southwest of Pontiac. It comprises just over four square miles, nearly half water, making for a close-knit town. No matter the village’s makeup or size compared to larger Michigan suburbs, the residents here deserve equal access to a skilled estate planning attorney who will prioritize their wishes and ensure they are respected now and in the future.

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Estate Planning Law in Oakland County village, MI

Douglas Kuthy: Orchard Lake Village, MI Estate Planning Attorney Practice Areas

Our estate planning lawyer in Orchard Lake Village helps our fellow Michigan residents avoid the risks and complications that can arise without a comprehensive plan.

Our skilled Orchard Lake Village estate planning attorney provides customized legal strategies for each of our client’s needs using a flat rate fee system that makes our services accessible to individuals, couples, and families throughout Michigan, including:

Our skilled estate planning attorney in Orchard Lake Village provides our fellow Michigan residents with peace of mind at a reasonable price so they can confidently plan their futures, knowing that no decision or detail is left to chance. Contact Douglas Kuthy today to learn how he can help you establish and maintain your legacy while you are here to enjoy it and long after you are gone.

Why Married Couples in Orchard Lake Village, Michigan Need Estate Plans

The latest statistics reveal that 75% of the households in Orchard Lake Village are married couples who live together. With a median age of 43, some may think there is ample time to put off estate planning.

The reality is that without a comprehensive estate plan, Michigan state laws will dictate the distribution of assets, which may not align with the couple’s intentions, potentially leading to family disputes and legal complications. By proactively planning, married couples can safeguard their legacy, protect their loved ones, and ensure peace of mind for the future.

Our skilled Orchard Lake Village estate planning attorney can help create legally binding documents and plans for:

  • Asset Distribution: Ensures that assets are distributed according to their wishes rather than being determined by state intestacy laws, which may not reflect their intentions.
  • Financial Security for Spouse: Provides financial security for the surviving spouse by outlining specific provisions for the distribution of assets and income, helping maintain their living standards.
  • Guardianship for Minor Children: Allows couples to designate guardians for their children, ensuring they are cared for by trusted individuals if both parents pass away.
  • Minimizing Estate Taxes: Helps reduce estate taxes by setting up trusts, thereby preserving wealth for heirs.
  • Avoiding Probate: Facilitates the transfer of assets without probate, which can be time-consuming, costly, and public.
  • Healthcare Directives: These include healthcare directives and living wills that specify medical treatment preferences, ensuring that patient’s wishes are followed if they become incapacitated.
  • Powers of Attorney: Designates powers of attorney for financial and healthcare decisions, allowing trusted individuals to manage affairs if one or both spouses become incapacitated.
  • Business Continuity: Ensures the smooth transition and continuity of family-owned businesses, providing clear instructions for succession.
  • Protecting Beneficiaries: Establishes trusts to manage and protect the inheritance for children or other beneficiaries, ensuring it is used responsibly.
  • Avoiding Family Disputes: This strategy reduces the likelihood of family disputes by clearly outlining the distribution of assets and other important decisions.
  • Incapacity Planning: Prepares for potential incapacity by ensuring that designated individuals can make financial and medical decisions seamlessly.
  • Charitable Giving: This option enables the couple to include philanthropic bequests, supporting causes they care about and potentially reducing estate taxes.

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