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Our skilled White Lake Township estate planning lawyer, Douglas Kuthy, is a seasoned professional with over thirty-five years of experience in estate planning and probate law. For over three decades, Douglas has used his experience in a flat-rate fee structure so all Michigan residents can plan their futures without worrying about the expense of retaining a qualified and trusted attorney.

Planning for the future means ensuring your assets and affairs are managed and distributed according to your wishes. No matter how complex or straightforward your “estate” might be, the state will decide what happens during probate if you do not have a plan.

Estate planning is not just about what happens after death; it also involves planning for incapacity and appointing trusted individuals to make financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf.

We can help the nearly 31,000 residents in White Lake Township understand the value of making those decisions, putting them in writing, and ensuring they are followed so you can establish the peace of mind you deserve.

Whether you are creating your first will, interested in understanding the benefits of different types of trusts, or need to update your plans to align with your current needs, our dedicated Oakland County estate planning attorney is here to help. Contact Douglas Kuthy today to schedule a meeting to discuss your unique estate planning needs.

Understanding the Estate Planning Law in White Lake Township, MI

Douglas Kuthy: White Lake Township, MI Estate Planning Attorney Practice Areas

Understanding the legal and financial implications of various estate planning tools can be complex, and keeping up with changing laws and regulations may be challenging.

Estate planning often involves confronting mortality and making emotionally challenging decisions about end-of-life care and asset distribution. We can help you understand the essential nuances of estate planning so you can make informed decisions about your future and what happens when you are gone.

Our skilled White Lake Township estate planning attorney provides customized legal strategies for each of our client’s needs using a flat rate fee system that makes our services accessible to individuals, couples, and families throughout Michigan, including:

Our skilled estate planning attorney in White Lake Township provides our fellow Michigan residents with peace of mind at a reasonable price so they can confidently plan their futures, knowing that no decision or detail is left to chance. Contact Douglas Kuthy today to learn how he can help you establish and maintain your legacy while you are here to enjoy it and long after you are gone.

Straightforward Reasons for Creating an Estate Plan in White Lake Township, Michigan

Our experienced estate planning attorney in White Lake Township understands there is a lot of confusion surrounding the need for future planning. Questions like how old do you need to be to create an estate plan, what are net worth requirements, and what if you are the only person you have to worry about and don’t think you need one?

The reality is there are very few questions we haven’t heard, and we are here to provide straightforward reasons why everyone in White Lake Township could benefit from an estate plan.

They include:

  • An estate plan lets you decide who gets what, ensuring your possessions go to the people you choose.
  • If you have minor children, an estate plan allows you to name guardians to care for them if you can’t.
  • Clearly stating your wishes helps prevent arguments and misunderstandings among your family and friends.
  • Proper estate planning can help avoid the lengthy and costly probate process, making it easier for your loved ones to settle your estate.
  • An estate plan includes documents that ensure your finances and healthcare are managed by trusted people if you become incapacitated.
  • Planning can minimize the taxes your estate owes, allowing more of your assets to go to your beneficiaries.
  • You can include instructions for handling your online accounts, social media, and digital files.
  • You can designate gifts to charities or organizations you care about.
  • Knowing that your affairs are in order provides peace of mind for you and your family, reducing stress and uncertainty.

Whether you are a single professional who wants to ensure someone carries out your wishes to the letter if you are incapacitated or after you are gone, parents who need to ensure an ironclad guardianship designation protects their children, or grandparents who want to establish a trust for their grandchildren’s college funds, we have customized estate planning legal solutions to align your goals through legal documentation that ensures you are protected.

You need and deserve an estate attorney who will explain things to you and, most importantly, solve your problems for a reasonable price. This is why we are here.

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